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Benefits of Office 365 Intranet

Office 365 app is accessed from the cloud instead of installing the apps on the pc. This means that you subscribe to access the apps either monthly or annually. The following are the benefits that follow the use of office 365 intranets. More details on this company

The other advantage about setting up office 365 intranets is that it is accessible from various devices including the pc, phone, and tablets. This makes work more efficient since employees can work from the tablet and access the saved work from the office pc. Compared to other office set up some of the apps cannot be accessed unless you install the app that is compatible with the device you want to use. With separate apps installed means that you cannot access the same file unless the file is transferred to the device that you're using.

Another benefit with office 365 intranets is that once you subscribe you empower the staff to access office 365 and work from their convenience. From this, you can request an employee to access a file and work on it even when they are not in the office, and once they save the file, you can access it without having to download the file. This means that the employee can work from home and deliver the same quality work as when they are in the office. The benefit of working from home is that most employees feel happy and more flexible and ready to work for the company instead of reporting to the office after spending more hours on traffic. This boost the morale of the employees and hence better performance. learn more here

Office 365 intranet is cost effective. Like mentioned earlier you can choose to subscribe monthly or yearly. The thing about the subscription fee is that it is cheap. This is in comparison to when you have to renew the licenses of the apps you have installed in your pc. Again remember the cost and time taken to have all these apps installed in every pc in the office set up. Remember the costs of data recovery from the pc in case of breakdown and you had no backup for your data. This is unlike office 365 intranets which are actual storage and back up for your records. With office 365 you are sure that even when the device you are using breaks down or stolen al your record will be safe and you will be able to access with another device.

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